A professional Diploma training course by distance learning in 16 Lessons with personal tutoring by leading holistic designer and natural living expert and best-selling author, Suzy Chiazzari who is the founder & Principal of the Holistic Design Institute.

This is a totally different approach to Interior Design that is in keeping with the growing need to create beautiful stress free home and work interiors where individuals and businesses can thrive. The role of our environment in our physical and mental well-being has for too long been ignored so Holistic Interior Design emphasises the importance of creating interiors that are meaningful, life-supporting and in harmony with the individuals who will be using them.
Many contemporary Interior design trends incorporate furniture and furnishings that are shiny and clean making you feel afraid that everyday activities will mess the place up. These interiors looks more like showrooms or museums than living, everyday homes. Holistic Design is based on the idea that our home is meant to be a sanctuary where we can relax and be ourselves, away from outside pressures and social norms. They should be welcoming places that we want to be in and return to after a tiring day. A holistic space not only brings you beauty and pleasure, it supports and nourishes you through difficult times and brings out the best in you.  It does this is by using natural and sustainable materials, incorporating elements of light, colour, sound and by connecting you with the natural environment.
Holistic Interior Design is a specialist distance learning course. You will learn how to engage sensitively and responsibly with the local environment, the building itself and the needs of the occupants, enhancing the flow with harmonious layouts, using natural materials and the elements of Light, Colour, Aroma and Sound. You will also learn how to create beautiful mood boards and repurposing furniture and furnishings.
Practising designers will find this course allows them to use their talents in a new way and to offer their clients a more personalised service. With the growth in environmental health concerns there is also a growing demand backed by the government in the UK for advisory services in this field. No previous Interior Design training is needed although this course compliments and extends traditional Interior design study. If you are a practicing designer we recommend you take the advanced level.


Although you study from home there is plenty of practical content with interesting tasks for you to try out.

Module 1. Introduction to Holistic design and environmental psychology
Module 2. Healthy House check and how to create a healthy home
Module 3. Geomancy - Dowsing for energy disturbances
Module 4. How to declutter, improve flow and create good layouts.
Module 5. The importance of light, air and sustainable energy
Module 6. The subtle environment - Water, Aroma and Sound
Module 7. Colour Therapy and environmentally friendly paints
Module 8. Using natural materials, up-cycling and repurposing furniture
Module 9. The do’s and don’ts of windows and doors/window dressing
Module 10. Sympathetic Interior Design for old buildings
Module 11. Designing Holistic Living spaces
Module 12. Digesting life in eating and dining areas
Module 13. Creating bedrooms and bathrooms as sanctuaries
Module 14. Garden rooms and patios - Connecting with nature
Module 15/16. Healthy options for businesses and work environments

An HDI accredited International diploma will be awarded to students who obtain 70% or more in a self-administered examination and have satisfactorily completed a design project from a choice given at the end of the course.

Diploma students can use the initials Dip. HDI (Holistic. Design) after their names and are given free full membership of HDI for one year and included on our International recommended practitioner’s list on our website.

To find out full details about this inspiring distance learning course that can set you on a new career path, visit the Holistic Design Institute website and Holistic Interior Design page.  We also offer this course at Advanced level for practicing designers and architects and other professionals who want to move into holistic interiors.   

The course is supplied by email, CD or workbooks in the UK and you work at your own speed.


'I was so pleased to have found your course as it has given me the confidence to work with clients on actual jobs. It showed me how to give a home a top to toe health check and then how to create a happy, healthy and ecofriendly space.'

TS from Brighton. UK

'You course was so interesting and the practical tasks with your feedback really let me change the whole atmosphere of my home and enjoy its full potential. I loved creating the mood boards and look forward to studying Colour Therapeutics for Interiors.'

MP from NY City. USA

'Having already studied another Interior Design Course, I was so happy to learn more about the use of natural materials, energy efficiency in bathrooms, showers and heating as well as how to declutter, improve the mood and create a healthy environment. My son suffers from asthma.'   BS from Edinburgh, Scotland.

FEES IN GBP;   480 delivered by email:  500 delivered on CD:  550 delivered in workbooks (UK only) 

In order to keep our fees at a very competitive price, we only offer this course by distance learning and you do not have to attend any classes.

We require full payment as we send the whole course to you up front so you can study at your own speed.

To enrol please visit the HDI website.