Design for Physical Health and Well-being

  1. Create a healthy indoor climate by allowing houses to breathe using natural air flow and ventilation.
  2. Provide safe and healthy, air, water, light and good humidity levels.
  3. Create a quiet home, protected and insulated from invasive noise.
  4. Design a home full of natural light.
  5. Site the home away from harmful radiation, power lines and traffic pollution.
  6. Create a visually stimulating and tactile space. 

Design for good Mental Health and Peace of the Spirit

  1. Use colour, textures and harmonious sound to create a personal therapeutic space.
  2. Make the home harmonious with its environment, blending with community, building styles, scale and local materials.
  3. Create flowing spaces that allow occupants to move freely around the building. 
  4. Use shapes, size and proportions that link to human scale.
  5. Connect the home to the natural world and nature’s rhythms and cycles.
  6. Provide private quiet spaces where individual occupants can relax.

Design for Health and Harmony of the Planet

  1. Site, orientation and shelter the home to make best use of renewable resources. 
  2. Use green sustainable materials that are non-toxic and no-polluting.
  3. Design homes to complement natural mechanisms that regulate energy, heating, cooling, airflow and lighting.
  4. Use low energy materials that have low environmental impact and Fairtrade credentials.
  5. Provide adequate re-cycling space and storage for the occupants.

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